What our customers say?


Our Bernese Mountain Dog Cooper and both of us learned a lot from Tom. He has an amazing way with dogs and Cooper was always very happy to see Tom when he came to the house. Tom is very knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and understanding. He truly loves what he is doing!! We would encourage all dog owners to have Tom help them in training their dogs - it is a great way to build a strong bond with your dog and a wonderful friendship.

Bruce and Nancy D. Barrie, ON.

Dear Tom,

I wanted to thank you for all your experienced knowledge in dog ownership and canine behaviour. Your advice has saved me more than the price of the puppy primer course and I now have the confidence to meet the challenges of raising our puppy and establishing a leadership role to guide and nurture my puppy's behaviour. Raising a puppy is nothing like what I expected and your advice was indispensable in the challenges as they arose. The myriad of choices a new puppy owner faces with respect to equipment (food, vacines, insurance, crates, bowls, leashes, collars, walking harness, car restraints etc.) is overwhelming, I didn't want to make a mistake and spend alot of money unnecessarily. Your advice was on the money. Outstanding! By the way Charlie says hi. Licks and wags,

Joanne D, Shanty Bay, ON.


Just finished taking my Pomeranian "Mylee" through Tom's puppy class and I am thrilled with the results! After taking Mylee through his course I can honestly say that Tom knows his stuff and I highly recommend everyone with any dog issues to contact Tom. He was great with my little dog and she sure loved going to his class every week. We can't wait to start the next series of classes when she is old enough.

Thanks again Tom!

Sincerely Darlene P. Innisfil ON.


Dear Tom,

I never had the opportunity to directly thank you for the work you did with Bam. We really enjoyed the sessions and have seen amazing improvements in Bam’s behaviour. Thanks so much for everything! Please feel free to use Aaron and me as references if you would like, as we would highly recommend your Puppy Class to others!

Thanks so much!

Aaron and Laura S. Vaughan, ON.


Dear Tom,

We want to thank-you for the care and patience that you showed our new family addition. As you know, Toby is our first family dog. It was VERY important to us to make sure that he was healthy, happy and safe in our care and so training was a must in our opinion. We truly lucked out to find such a wonderful pair of dog lovers who are so dedicated to their profession. The positive methods that you taught us to use for Toby’s development work like a charm - so does Toby. Remember the first time we brought Toby......he was a little timid. You were so gentle with him. Our next visit, Toby was raring to go and has been ever since. We are able to use the few techniques that you taught us for almost any situation. We can leave him in the care of anyone who knows the universal words and actions and are confident that he will have a great day and so will his caregivers. What a relief! We have a great dog thanks to Toby and you!!!!


Annette, Mike and Toby, Barrie, ON.


Dear Tom,

We would like to thank you guys so much for all you help in showing us how to train Jersey. Since having a puppy was new to our family, it was comforting to know that when we had questions and needed more help and advice you were just a phone call away. It's not very often that you can find someone as dedicated and caring as the two of you are. We truly feel that you love and care for Jersey as if she were a part of your own family. When we leave her with you we never have to worry, and she's always wagging her tail when we pick her up. We now have to be careful not to say either of your names when she can hear us or we find her waiting at the door waiting to see you.

Thanks again for all your help in raising our wonderful puppy!

Angie W. and family, Barrie, ON.

Dear Tom,

I just wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you, and to let you know that since the winter boots have come off on our walks Lexi has had some of the best walks yet. She is being very attentive with her "watch me's", she is healing beautifully, and I couldn't be prouder. We are planning on taking some video of her for your YouTube channel. You are an amazing teacher, and we look forward to taking your next class very soon.

Thank you,

Sharon S, Barrie, ON.


Hi Tom,

Thanks so much for having Charlie. Even though we did not see this until now, we felt comfortable leaving him as soon as we met Tom and Bear and so Charlie was immediately at home. I am not sure if you worked with him on the "licking" problem, but we have noticed that he is not licking at all! Actually later, I realized and said to Derek, "Charlie didn't lick me, did he lick you?" He did not and when we arrived home, he did not lick the kids either. Thank you sooooooooo much!

We went for a walk this afternoon with him and we both agreed that we have a new peace of mind now knowing that even if we had to leave for a day we had you to trust and someone Charlie evidently enjoyed being with.

Thanks very very much!

Tina and Derek Q., Barrie, ON.

Hi Tom,

Just a note to thank you for introducing us to the "Gentle Leader" during training. As you know we were having problems walking our Malamute puppy as he was out of control and even dragging our kids around. We had almost given up on walking him regularly as it was not an enjoyable experience for any of us. When you mentioned the "Gentle Leader" to us we were sceptical at first, but you were enthusiastic about the "Gentle Leader" and it was inexpensive to buy so we gave it a try. We were shocked, all the things that you mentioned to us about control were correct. You said "if you control the head, you control the whole dog". Our dog took to the "Gentle Leader" within a week. We now take our dog for a walk instead of our dog dragging us along. Walking the dog has now become an enjoyable event for the whole family.


Len and Joan M., Victoria Harbour, ON.

Kathy, Ziggy and Gandalf

Dear Tom,

Maycee and I would like to "Thank you" again for loving and caring for her while "Cinny" was away. We are truly blessed that there are "special" people like you! I'm so happy her and Moose became "buddies". Maycee wanted me to "pick up" a little treat (Tim Horton's gift certificates) for her new God parents. LOL! Maycee was extraordinarily calm; that tells me she had an extremely good time with you.

Enjoy, Maycee and Cindy G., Barrie, ON.


I have known Tom and Cheryl for about 12 years and in that time I have never met anyone with the compassion and true understanding of our canine companions. Cheryl has not only assisted me with the training of my own dogs and their behavior but at a time when “Pete”, my Bernese Mountain Dog had gone partially blind, she assisted me with adjusting my training habits to deal with his disability. I couldn’t have possibly done it without her. Her keen understanding of how to handle many situations has been invaluable. When my boy “Pete” was ailing with a brain tumor and I couldn’t sit with him, she would come over to lie on the floor with him and hand feed him. Cheryl just let him know that she was there and he was safe. Pete had a short life and has passed on now, but he lives in all our memories. He is fondly remembered as the lovable, huggable gentle giant to all he came in contact with.

Their compassion continued when the animal hospital I work at received a sad looking hound who came into the clinic after being hit not once, but twice on the 400 highway just south of Barrie Ontario. Moose as he was nicknamed by the clinic technicians (due to the fact that he had no collar or tags for identity) had one front and one back leg severely broken. Orthopedic surgery was required in an attempt to re-stabilize his damaged legs. Moose was under-nourished, and every rib was clearly visible. His neck was raw with open sores; in a nutshell, he was a mess. Moose became a celebrity of sorts when CKVR News came to the clinic and did a story on Moose’s plight. Donations came flooding into the clinic to pay for Moose’s surgery, after the television newscast was aired. Moose was going to get the much needed surgery due to help of so many charitable people, but he was going to need a special home for rehabilitation and training. I phoned Tom and Cheryl and they came in to the clinic to visit him and with one look from that handsome face, Moose had a new home.

Moose had absolutely no obedience training, was not properly house trained, was anti-social around other dogs, had aggression characteristics and to top it off was possessive of food and toys. He was going to be a handful even for experienced trainers like Tom and Cheryl. He was most likely a hunting dog who was left abandoned and to fend for himself. To say the least, he was not considered adoptable by anyone, but Tom and Cheryl are not just anyone; Moose was destined to be in their care. Moose healed slowly over the next year but eventually his back leg had to be amputated due to severe nerve damage that would not heal. Tom, Cheryl and Moose endured this setback with unwavering dedication and love. Moose, I am proud to proclaim has turned into the dog that anyone would be happy to have. He has an enduring spirit which has captured everyone’s heart. He has become part of their family and part of mine.

I absolutely recommend The Puppy Professors to anyone who has issues or questions about their furry friends, young and old.

Diane L., Barrie, ON.

Kathy, Ziggy and Gandalf

Dear Tom and Cheryl,

I am writing this email to thank you for your assistance with Ziggy's aggressive nature concerning his food and toy possessiveness. After just a few weeks of implementing your strategies we have seen amazing results. Ziggy no longer shows his teeth and growls protecting his toys or acts aggressively around food. I can even lift his food bowl while he is eating with no repercussion, no drama and no fear on my part...that is an amazing turnaround. As for Gandalf, we have had none of the problems we experienced with Ziggy. We attribute this to the exceptional one on one training sessions you provided us from eight weeks of age. You preach getting your puppy on a training regimen as early as seven weeks of age, and you have made a believer out of me.

My daughter-in-law and son recently got a puppy and since she didn't want to attend classes by herself, she asked me if I would go with her. I said yes and took along Gandalf for a refresher class. Well, I have to tell you that all the other dog owners were amazed at how well Gandalf performed the exercises. The instructor kept using Gandalf to demonstrate the exercises to the rest of the class, which of course made me very proud. Everyone thought that I had lucked out and got the smartest dog of the litter so to speak, but we know better...we have you to thank for that.

Licks and wags from Ziggy and Gandalf, and hugs and kisses from me,

Cathy W., Innisfil ON.

I have known Tom and Cheryl Goul for the last 8 years. I didn't think it was possibly that anyone could love dogs as much as I do, but when I met Tom and Cheryl I quickly realized that I was mistaken. Their love and affection for dogs is absolutely amazing. When I sadly had to put my lab down, Cheryl was quick to help me in my search for a new four legged companion. We found an amazing black lab which I called Benson. Tom and Cheryl both started working/training with Benson at a very early age and it was incredible how quickly he responded to their signals/commands. Training was never so easy!!! I still have Cheryl and Tom take care of our animals when we are out of town for the day, and if I ever have any health questions/concerns they are only just a phone call away and always eager to help in anyway that they can. I feel very fortunate to have met such wonderful people!! Exceptional PEOPLE, Exceptional CARE

Debbie B., Barrie ON

Cheryl and Tom have taken care of our dog, Lexi, on several occasions. They have a caring gentle way with dogs. Lexi is always anxious to see them.

Pauline and Gary H., Barrie, ON.