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The Puppy Professors provides dog training, puppy classes, dog walking, pet and house sitting, behaviour assessment consultations along with modification training, pet taxi services to your vet or groomer and new puppy owner education seminars. Our specialized services are for discriminating dog owners who have specific training objectives and are seeking personalized experienced guidance and care for their precious family members.

Dog Training

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The Puppy Professors was founded by Tom Goul CB.ccs. Tom is a certified canine behaviour therapist specializing and utilizing a positive reinforcement training methodology. Whether puppy, adolescent or mature dog, we can help nurture and strengthen the bond between you and your valued family member.

Puppies (eight to twenty weeks of age)

Start early! Out of your dog's entire life there is no more important time than the first couple of months in your home. It is the most critical developmental period of your puppies life. That's quite a statement to make, think about it for a moment. One small period of time will influence your pup's behaviour for the rest of his/her life. Mannerly and good natured or fearful, anti-social and unpredictable, the end result is determined by you and your actions. Most experienced dog trainers agree that your influence during this crucial time will exponentially mold your puppy's behaviour more than any other time in your dogs life. You have quite a responsibility. Let us help you. We have lots and lots of experience to share with you.

Most group puppy classes will not take puppies until they are ten weeks of age and have had two sets of vaccinations, thus losing two weeks of this most precious developmental time. The advantage of our personal one on one training program is that we can start as soon as you take the puppy home (usually as early as week eight when purchased through a breeder), and get a major head start on your puppies training. Take this opportunity to mould and shape your pet's personality and instill good social manners right from the onset. We at The Puppy Professors fast track your pet to be an obedient companion utilizing a gentle, proven, do no harm, positive reinforcement, training methodology. Choke chains and inducing fear through punishment, are methods we don't endorse or advocate. We believe in re-directing the dog's unwanted negative behavior, while effecting change through behaviour modification techniques. Stress is neither good for your dog, or you, so we encourage fun and play in our curriculum to encourage that special bond every dog owner craves.

Adolescent Dogs (five months to two years)

O.K. you just rescued a dog from the local animal shelter (we love you already). The dog is no longer a puppy and has developed some bad habits, because it has never been shown what is acceptable behaviour. Can The Puppy Professors help you? Absolutely, although we have missed the most beneficial and influential training time, (puppy stage), we just have to work harder and be more diligent. The Puppy Professors will draft a strategic program to steadily reach your objectives.

Mature Dogs (two years and over)

Can you really teach an old dog, new tricks? You betcha, never give up on a dog. Any dog given the right environment , with the right people, and the right amount of patience can be magnificent pets.

Tom and Mylee Graduation Photo

Professor's Blog

Am I blessed...yes, absolutely.

Everyday I kick myself to make sure this is not a dream, not some hoax or figment of my imagination. I am truly doing what I love and getting paid to do it. My customers have become my friends and their dogs are part of my extended family. I am thrilled that so many people find our services to be exactly what they are looking for. Every week is different for us with new friends and their dogs to train, care for and love.

I find myself surrounded by dogs of all types. Purebreds, mutts and mixes of all kinds have crossed my path. From large dogs to tiny miniature toy breeds. All makes and models from lovable and huggable to prissy and standoffish. I wake up every morning to the licks and tail wags of eager companions anxious to explore another day.

As a canine behaviour therapist I am constantly learning and updating my skill set. I feel very fortunate to have active participants to observe everyday and can honestly say that I am always learning from them. I am of the opinion that any trainer that says they have "seen it all" has closed their mind to the concept of continued education. Experienced trainers I respect have given me great guidance over the years and one sound piece of advice that is common to all great trainers is that they say "never ever close your mind off to new methods and ideas". I have strived to remain current and up to date, so I can better satisfy my customer's needs.

I would like to thank my clients and their wonderful dogs for helping me fulfill what I believe is my destiny in life.

The Puppy Professors,

Tom Goul CB.ccs

Tip of the Month

Socialization: You can never over-socialize your puppy. The first four months of your puppy’s life are the most impressionable. To become a confident and stable dog, a young puppy needs to be exposed to many different people, dogs, places, sounds and scents. Bringing your puppy in for grooming is a great way to introduce him/her to new environments, sounds, smells and people.

Famous Dog Quotations

"I took my dog for a walk... all the way from New York to Florida... I said to him "There now you're done." - Steven Wright

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies." - Gene Hill

"If dogs could talk it would take a lot of the fun out of owning one." - Andy Rooney

"My husband and I are either going to buy a dog or have a child. We can't decide whether to ruin our carpets or ruin our lives." - Rita Rudner

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